Prepco specializes in contract medical component manufacturing.

We have years of experience and processing knowledge in cutting holes in tubes, bending tubes, molding connectors directly onto tubes, printing, end forming, and welding. We produce wound drainage tubes, catheters of all types and sizes, blood reinfusion devices, dilators, and obturators.

We have large volume production capabilities, quick turn around, and minimal set-up charges.

Our special capabilities include:

  • Radio frequency (RF) induction end forming and welding of extrusion to net shape for catheter construction. We excel by end forming almost any engineering thermoplastic material to any size. We form extremely clean, crisp, and clear tips. We can even complete a full edge radius on a tip without any sharp edges, a process where experience shows. We have perfected the ability to produce long, tapered tips with very soft materials.

    We have a unique ability to create smooth transition welds between different extrusions. To weld two different durometer, multi-lumen extrusions while keeping these lumens open is an accomplishment in our industry.

  • Hole cutting in any configuration and size. We can create virtully any pattern of holes and even vary the hole diameters within a particular pattern.

  • Pad printing with clear, strong images. We can put registration marks, graduations, indicators in bands or one to two side marks. Prepco can print 30” images along an extrusion.

  • Over molding. We provide high quality, yet low cost, hardened tool steel insert injection molds, particularly adept at specialty connectors and manifolds. Prepco is capable of high volume production, with single or multi-cavity molds. We can give you quotations within 24 hours.

Packaging and Shipping All products that are shipped in bulk are placed in double polybags with cardboard shippers. Each bag is labeled with product number, revision level, lot number, quantity, purchase order number and description, and sterility condition.

Prepco supplies certificates of compliance and a packing list with each shipment.

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