Medical Device Component Capabilities

Catheter Manufacturing & Tip Forming

Catheter Tip Forming
Based on your thermoplastic specifications, we can manufacture your catheter tip at the end of the tube to create a safe and reliable component to meet your clinical needs.
By adding heat during catheter tip forming, we fundamentally change the geometry of the tube. In essence, we start with a thermoplastic extrusion and convert it into a medical device component for surgical and related uses.

Our wide-ranging experience can help you find an efficient and repeatable process for making it. We have extensive expertise in:

Medical Device & Catheter Bonding
Our Engineers have extensive experience in catheter bonding, using Ultraviolet cure adhesives, RTV adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, and solvent bonding

Hole punching / Skiving / Notching
We can produce round or oval holes on thermoplastics and silicone. We cut holes in any configuration and size. We can create virtually any pattern of holes and even vary the hole diameters within a particular pattern.

Glueing Technologies
We have the tools and equipment setup up to perform solvent glueing, UV curing, silicone to silicone bonds and silicone to thermoplastics bonds

Medical Injection Molding
We have a variety of injection molding machines available to produce the medical device component you need. We can also overmold over a variety of materials.

Pad Printing
Prepco, Inc. has extensive experience printing on medical tubing and other devices. We can help you develop a solution to your demanding printing needs. We will develop a process and recommend an ink based on your materials.

Injection molds, Dies, drills, PLC program pad printing robotics, prototypes, production tooling medical manufacturer

Custom Design

Injection mold
Equipment setup
PLC programming
Pad Print Robotics
Prototype & Production Tooling
Logic Controller & Robotics Progamming
Radio Frequency Induction Tooling & Alternative Cooling technique
Manufactured medical device research and development engineers.

Research & Development Capabilities

I.Q, O.Q., P.Q.
Validation Studies

OPtical Comparator Dimensional Inspepction, Tensile & Force Testing, Dorometer, Bulk density, Polorization, Digital microscope with large capture.


Optical Comparator Dimensional Inspection
Tensile & Force Testing
Bulk density
Digital Microscope with Image Capture